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To Do Before Washing Hands,
installed with grottenolm as a part of Dump Camp organized by Ari Ferdman and Bethany Ides. 2-6PM, Saturday, April 30th, 2016 Howard Leichter A ’42 Art Lecture Room @ The Cooper Union Dump Camp included performances, lectures, recorded readings, skype calls and installations. Featuring… Ada Smailbegovic --Some Disordered Interior Geometries Sara Jane Stoner --SHITWORDS KNOWING Citron Kelly --Open Access Context Plan Chad Laird Rediffusion --Limited and the Least of All Possible Evils SPECIAL AMERICA --Do Not Grieve, Special America Tim Simonds --To do before washing hands / grottenolm Ian Dreiblatt --Plays the Organ Sonya Derman --Oh Maladap Chris Schmidt --The Poetics of Waste "As part of the common dream/commons of AMONG IN COMING (elaborate anenactive dialectical theatrics as interspersal spurrings that summon all a sum-thing), DUMP CAMP is about a fancy art & design institute (played by Cooper Union) that is hard up for cash. When a wealthy eccentric bequeaths her entire fortune to the school, administrators are left scrambling to fulfill the strange stipulations of her dying wishes. “Honorande X,” the papers claim, was a lifelong enthusiast of the transitional & telepatent arts. X’s abstruse will & testament indicate that her “coffers should mimic [her] coffin” by converting the institutional body into "disuse" whereby it might proffer something “more immediate, more sensual.” Flummoxed by these statements & pressured by X's attorneys, the school decides to host another version of itself inside itself. For 1 day, it will become a waste treatment fragility, a conferential deformation of learning & sharing & learning again. DUMP CAMP is actual conjecture, present & otherwise."--Bethany Ides & Ari Ferdman copy_op2.jpg copy.jpg copy.jpg copy.jpg